Septic Installations

If you live in the countryside or a rural area or are planning on building a new home you may need to get a septic tank installed. Hiring professionals to install a septic tank will ensure that you receive professional and efficient installation. Clarington Septic Repairs installs septic tanks at reasonable prices for clients in Clarington and Bowmanville, ON. Call us today for a free quote on septic installation.

What is a septic tank and the different systems?

A septic system contains an underground septic tank that is made up of either plastic or concrete that treats and disposes of sewage from a household. This septic system is designed to provide an individualized wastewater treatment option for residential and commercial areas.  There are a few different septic tank systems, here we will take a quick look at them. Conventional septic systems rely on gravity to remove household waste, and direct it to the septic tank where it is then separated. Heavier waste (called sludge) will settle at the bottom, while liquid settles in the middle and the lighter waste floats to the top and forms a thicker “cake like” material. The liquid waste will flow into the drain field where it is further decomposed. A “pump up system” is when the leaching bed is higher than the septic tank due to a high water table.  This is where a small pump tank is installed just behind your septic tank with a pump, so that it can pump up the effluent (water waste) into the septic bed.   Repairs are experts regarding the different septic systems.

Types of septic tanks

We are capable of installing the different types of septic tanks for all of our clients. Septic tanks can be made from concrete or plastic. Concrete septic tanks are rust-proof and highly durable and are more cost effective than a plastic tank.  Plastic tanks are used in yards where a large truck is unable to access a backyard.  The plastic tanks on the market these days are very durable and easy to install but they do tend to cost more money than the concrete tanks (they are almost twice as much as a concrete tank).  Our experts will always go over all of the options with you, and help you decide on the best choice for your home.

Why hire us?

Clarington Septic Repairs offers expert septic installation at reasonable rates. We also ensure that the installation is carried out efficiently and safely. We also offer expert advice on the different septic systems and the different septic tanks that are available. We always provide a free quote for septic installations. We plan the installation properly and at a time that is convenient to our clients. When bringing the heavy equipment in to evacuate the area for the installation, we also take care not to cause damage to your property. We guarantee professional septic installations that will function properly.


Installation of septic tanks and systems can be a difficult task and that is why we recommend that you hire professionals to get the job done. Some different systems and tanks function differently, and you will require experts to ensure that you choose the correct one for your property, as well as the location and even the soil. All of this plays a role in the proper installation of septic tanks and systems. Clarington Septic Repairs will ensure proper septic installation.

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